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UPDATED SUBMISSION GUIDELINES November 2017 — Please note Adriana and Lilly are currently closed to submissions until the new year, with the exception of requested conference and contest submissions. Taylor is open to submissions and Stefanie is open to middle grade submissions only. Please submit via our Submissions Form below — thank you!

Full Circle Literary is now accepting submissions only through the Submissions Form below. If you are referring to submissions information on a website or guidebook, please note our latest updated information is always available on our website. Submissions sent to any email address will not be opened. No phone queries please. Mailed submissions will be recycled unopened.

STEP 1: Please read the Our Agents pages on our website and determine the Full Circle Literary agent that is the best fit for your work. Please submit to only one agent.

STEP 2: Please complete the Submissions Form below. Select “Attention to” to send your query to the one agent that is the best fit for your work. Then, fill in the other fields, please include sample writing as follows:

Fiction: the first TEN PAGES of your manuscript

Nonfiction: Nonfiction Book Proposal including overview, comparative books, author bio and one sample chapter.

Picture books: the complete picture book manuscript text (1000 words or less). Please note that rhyming picture book manuscripts are not a fit for our agency, instead we prefer gorgeous prose and books that have great read-aloud appeal.

Illustrators: an introduction about you and your work, along with a link to your Portfolio or website (no attachments please).

STEP 3: After selecting the Submit button at the end of the form, a confirmation will appear to confirm your submission was received.


Due to the high volume of submissions, please keep in mind we are no longer able to personally respond to every submission. However, we read every submission with care and often share for a second read within the office. If we are interested, we will contact you by email to request additional materials (such as a complete manuscript or additional manuscripts).

If you have not heard from us in 6-8 weeks, your project is not right for our agency at the current time and we wish you all the best with your writing. Please keep us updated if there is a change in the status of your project, such as an offer of representation or book contract.

Thank you for considering Full Circle Literary, we look forward to reading!


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