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Once upon a time, over twelve years ago, Lilly Ghahremani co-founded Full Circle Literary with Stefanie.

But here’s how it really began for her: after graduating from law school, she joined a small law firm that represented authors. While she loved finessing the perfect deal for an author, she realized that what she loved even more was working closely with them. She wanted to be part of the entire process of growing and managing their careers. So, she decided to leave traditional law and instead use her powers of persuasion, helping them find the right publishing partners.

Since striking her first book deal (a pop culture book she loves to this day, sold to Random House), Lilly has helped her authors find their ways to the right publishing partner for them, whether it was Random House, Penguin, Perseus, Chronicle Books, Simon & Schuster, Wiley, Ten Speed Press, or the other (many, many) fabulous publishing houses, big and small, that an author has to choose from. She does this because she loves it, and she handpicks the authors she works with. A book deal should be the next step in a writing career with longevity, and she prides herself on representing the author, not a single book. She will work with you on how to brand, protect and market yourself and your work throughout the world (she’s actually taught workshops on this stuff!)


Dawn Dais’s multi-book and audio deals for her tell-all parenting series The Sh!t No One Tells You to Seal Press/Hachette.

Coming Spring 2017: Dawn’s The Overly Honest Baby Book, a tell-all confessional baby book for new parents. Dawn’s work has been translated into Portuguese, which neither Lilly nor Dawn can read, but someday, when her agenting has been successful enough, Lilly will retire and learn it!

Popular west coast chef Isabel Cruz’s new Latin cookbook to Skyhorse

James Beard semifinalist Rob Connoley’s critically acclaimed foraging cookbook Acorns & Cattails: A Modern Cookbook of Field, Farm & Forest , again to Skyhorse

Family finance guru Leah Ingram’s guide to creative ways to pay for college to Career Press…just to name a few!

Fact: The thrill of telling an author they have an offer never gets old!

Lilly is a graduate of University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), UCLA School of Law (JD), and San Diego State University’s School of Business (MBA). She’s a recent transplant from San Diego to gorgeous Seattle (before you make fun of the weather, remember: it gives her more time to read your queries!). Whenever time allows, she’s off on a plane to explore somewhere new. Catch up with her on Twitter @Wonderlilly.


  • Prescriptive non-fiction from an author with a strong and growing audience I love books that teach someone how to do something new or live a better life, written in an engaging way. That part is key! If you are an expert and can prove it and are a great writer and can show it, I’d love to hear from you.
  • Nonfiction books by Middle Eastern women, especially how-to books in their areas of expertise
  • General nonfiction (in no particular order):
    • Health & fitness
    • Self-help
    • Parenting
    • Business
    • Relationships
    • Craft
    • Design & lifestyle
    • Cooking
  • Pop culture and entertainment
  • Humor and gift books
  • Literary fiction. I take on very limited fiction but literary is my sweet spot as a reader. Suspenseful would be bonus!
  • Multicultural fiction, especially fiction by and about Middle Eastern women.
  • Middle Eastern YA. Being Iranian myself, oh how I’ve been there! I’d love to read your story about a character’s adventures as ‘other’ – whether Middle Eastern or any other ethnicity.
  • Any of the above, from a diverse point of view. 
  • Anything from a University of Michigan graduate. My loyalty is fierce!



Lilly will be a guest agent at the Idaho Writers’ Conference this year in Boise, May 2017.

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